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In a deliberate drive to strengthen Primary Health Care programmes in the State, toward fostering health for all as in contained in Nigeria health policy. The then Kano State Ministry of Health in 1988 decided to build additional School of Health Technology in one of the model Primary Health Care LGAs, to be responsible for training human resources in health sector with overall goal to have adequate and proficient middle-level/basic health care providers that will be deployed to various health facilities in rural communities where their services are highly demanded.

To objectify these, the Kano State Military administration of Air Commando NDATSU UMARU built School of Health Technology Jahun in the year 1989, and it exists as functional academic ground in 1990 with a single programme of Community Health Aid, (CHA). The initial Students’ enrolment was 40 female and 3 academic Staff. Before the creation of Jigawa State the School was affiliated with the School of Health Technology Club Road Kano.

School of Health Technology Jahun was officially commissioned with provisional accreditation on 15th December, 1989 by the then Federal Minister for Health (the father of Primary Health Care in Nigeria) now, late Professor Olukoye Ransome Kuti.


To produce skilled and competent personnel (health workers) that will certainly provide qualitative, accessible and affordable basic health care services to the individuals, families and communities.


To enhance the health care services that will cater for individuals, families and communities, also to ensure team work, commitment to excellence, integrity, competency, promptness, dignity, punctuality and confidentiality in providing the middle level manpower services in health care industry.


The philosophy of the School is enshrined in its motto “Health is Wealth” this being pursued and sustained by commitment to enrollment of eligible candidates with enthusiasms not only to provide basic health services to communities;


The School as health sciences and technology training institution, look for evidence respect of everyone in our diverse communities, including clients/patients, their families and colleagues with dignity, integrity, compassion, empathy, teamwork, innovation, excellence, stewardship, responsibilities self-determination, confidentiality, effectiveness of care, honest, ethical patience welfare; in potential Students as these qualities show an aptitude for providing care to this standard. Health profession is one of the most trusted profession and health care providers must behave in a way that upholds the trust society places in them.

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